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Viewing Instructions

Viewing Instructions

To display zoom, hover the mouse over images, which may take a second or two to load.  Use the scroll wheel to change the magnification. To scroll the page, use the right or left side of the page. For more information on a post, click the "Read more" link.

Diary of the Grid — November 2, 2022

Diary of the Grid — November 2, 2022

I imagine a machine that can paint 43,164 corners, right angles. 10,791 squares 16 mm across — interior dimensions. The squares are separated by a dark, negative-space, which is grid of perpendicular lines 0.795 mm in width rendered in dark violet.

The paint machine has a lot of tubes.

Perhaps there are two machines, one is a preliminary tape machine that is taping the grid over a dark violet canvas. I imagine this would be the easy part.

Caveman Tape Machine

Caveman Tape Machine — October 12, 2022

I am deciding whether I should paint these 16 mm squares more like typewriter keys or die with more rounded corners.

Also, each square requires it be painted twice, at least (sometimes not), for proper coverage and color intensity (the intensity of reflected light). Maybe the peaks can be sanded down later.

Diary of the Grid — September 21, 2022

Diary of the Grid — September 21, 2022

Cave painters could have easily left a record of painting the grid. Saturating ten fingertips with some dry pigment and with two hands draw a set of ten vertical lines, equally spaced, and following that up with ten horizontal lines. Some time between then, if that ever happened, and maybe 5,000 - 10,000 years ago, the grid was discovered.


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